Maharashtra Caste Certificate

Caste Certificate Online Maharashtra Apply Online 2020, Maharashtra Cast Certificate Form Download, Cast Certificate Online Maharashtra Required Document, If you are a resident of Maharashtra and if you want to get Maharashtra Caste Certificate, today in this article we will tell you in detail how you can apply for Maharashtra Caste Certificate online? We will also tell you what documents you will need when applying for a caste certificate online in Maharashtra using Aaple Sarkar Portal.

Cast certificate online Maharashtra

The caste certificate helps people in government jobs, reservation quotas and jobs in the state government as well as mainly from the appropriate quotas.

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Benefits of Cast certificate online Maharashtra

There are some major government benefits for the junior class and students are admitted to any school, college or any other university for educational purposes using the ‘Maharashtra Caste Certificate’. Apart from these uses, Maharashtra Caste Certificate is also used in many other government documents.

Documents Required For Maharashtra Cast Certificate

1. Proof of Identity – (any one of given below)

1) PAN card

2) Passport

3) RSBY card

4) MGNREGA Job Card

5) Driver’s license

6) Photo of the applicant

7) Identity card issued by a government or semi-government organization

2. Proof of address (any one of given below)

1) Passport

2) Water bill

3) Ration card

4) Aadhar card

5) Voter ID card

6) Telephone bill

7) Driving license

8) Electricity bill

9) Receipt of property tax and receipt of rent

How to Apply for Online Cast Certificate in Maharashtra?

Applicants can apply by visiting the nearest tehsildar’s office or Maha e Seva Kendra. Or you can follow the online procedure below.

  1. The applicant has to visit the official website of his Government of Maharashtra, MahaOnline.
  2. You May also Visit :
  3. You have to login to the given page.
  4. After logging in, you have to select the Caste Certificate Cast Certificate Online Maharashtra option under the Revenue Department.
  5. You will then be redirected to the Caste Certificates page where you have to select the “Apply” option.
  6. From there you have to choose your caste certificate. For Maratha, you have to select SEBC.
  7. Here you select the required category of breed from your list.
  8. Now fill in all the required information in the application and click on “Save” button.
  9. You can also get a print out of this receipt and application.
  10. Attach all the required documents after filling the Caste Certificate Online Maharashtra.
  11. Then submit the application and documents along with the prescribed fee.
  12. A fee of Rs. 35 will be charged from the applicant.
  13. The applicant will be informed to get the caste certificate.

You can apply for “Caste Certificate Online Maharashtra 2020” by repeating all the above steps. This process has been simplified keeping in mind the need for this important document.

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Affidavit Form 2 For Cast Certificate in Maharashtra

maharastra cast certificate affidavit download

Maharashtra cast certificate affidavit download

Caste Certificate Affidavit Form 3 Download

maharashtra cast certificate form 3

प्रमाणपत्राचेनाव:- Caste Certificate

आवश्यक कागदपत्रे

Proof of Identity (किमान -1)

1) PAN Card

2) Passport

3) RSBY Card

4) MNREGA Job Card

5) Driver’s License

6) Photo of Applicant

7) Identity card issued by Govt or Semi Govt organisations

Proof of Address (किमान -1)

1) Passport

2) Water Bill

3) Ration Card

4) Aadhaar Card

5) Voter ID Card

6) Telephone Bill

7) Driving License

8) Electricity Bill

9) Property Tax Receipt

10) Extracts of 7/12 and 8 A/ Rent Receipt

Other Documents (किमान -1)

1) Other

2) Other

3) Affidavit

4) 8 A Extract

5) 7/12 Extract

6) Caste Validity

7) Copy of Khasara

8) Deposit Receipt

9) Record of Rights

10) Copy of Voter List

11) Photo of Benificiary

12) Copy of Service Book

13) Circle Enquiry Report

14) Photo ID of Applicant

15) Photo ID of Beneficiary

16) Extract of Talathi Book

17) Gazzate Notification copy

18) Copy of Death Certificate

19) School Leaving Certificate

20) Salary Certificate or Form 16

21) Copy of Kotwal Book of Uncle

22) Copy of Kotwal Book of Father

23) Application in form B of Dated

24) Caste Certificate of the Father

25) Caste Certificate of the Relative

26) Resident Proof of Gram Panchayat

27) Copy of Caste Validity of Brother

28) Resident Proof of Nagar Parishad

29) Copy of Kotwal Book of Grandfather

30) TC Bonafide Certificate (TC No)

31) Copy of Kotwal Book of Grandmother

32) Other relevant documentary evidence

33) Form 16 of the employer for 3 years

34) Relation Certificate (Relation Self)

35) Copy of Adoption Will by Grandfather

36) Copy of Caste Certificate Applicant

37) Affidavit submitted by the Applicant

38) Income proof of 3 years from Talathi

39) Extract of Register showing the entry

40) Special Executive Officer certificate

41) Copy of Death Certificate Grandfather

42) Application submitted by the Applicant

43) Copy of Ration Card & Electoral Photo ID

44) Evidence in support of caste certificate

45) Resident Proof of Municipal Corporation

46) Income proof – Salary Certificate of 3 years

47) Copy of School Leaving Certificate of Father

48) Evidence of the applicant original village/ town

49) Copy of School Leaving Certificate of Grandfather

50) Affidavit Caste Certificate (Form-2) and (Form-3)

51) Copy of School Leaving Certificate of the beneficiary

52) Enquiry Report of Talathi / Sarpanch /Police Patil

53) Copy of revenue records or village panchayat record

54) Affidavit Caste Certificate for ST Caste (Form-A-1)

55) Extract of Birth/Death in the Gram Panchayat Register

56) राजपत्रामध्येजाहीर के लेल्या नावातील बदलाबाबतचा पुरावा

57) Caste Certificate issue by the Local Competent Authority

58) Extract of birth register of the applicant/father/or relatives

59) Income Certificate for the last 3 years issued by the Tahsildar

60) Primary School Leaving Certificate of the applicant or his father

61) Certificate of the member of Municipal Councilor/ Municipal Corporation

62) Validity Certificate if any of father or relative which is issued by scrutiny committee

63) Extract of primary school admission register of the applicant, his father or grandfather

64) An extract of Government Service Record (book) mentioning caste/community Category of applicants father or relative

65) Documentary evidence in regard to the caste and ordinary place of residence prior to the date of notification of the caste Notified Service Details

Sr.No Service name Time limit Designated Officer First Appellate Officer

1 Caste Certificate 45 Sub-Divisional Officer/ Dy. Collector Additional Collector


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