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आयुष्मान  भारत पी वी सी कार्ड डिलीवरी स्टार्टेड थ्रू सी एस सी

ayushman bharat pvc card delivery process

Ayushman Bharat PMJAY PVC Card Delivery Process Through CSC

  • Login to https://pmjay.csccloud.in/pmjaycard/index.php and  click on VLE CSC Connect icon
  • Click on the Check Dispatch Status icon to check PM-JAY PVC  Card status
  • Check the Docket number of PVC
  • Consignment and click on Receive icon
  • After confirming the details of Docket, click OK
  • The Status will change from “TRACK” to “Receive” and the new received  cards will reflect in VLE’s Dashboard
  • Go to pmjay.csccloud.in and click on Login for PVC
  • The detailed list of PVC Cards beneficiaries will reflect in VLE’s dashboard.
  • A search string is available on the basis of Beneficiary Name, PMJAY Card, Mobile number and State (It is advisable to search on the basis of unique PMJAY Card number). If beneficiary is available, VLE will click on Send SMS and Initiate delivery of PVC.
  • Click on Verify Biometric
  • Beneficiary will provide Aadhaar Consent for Biometric  Authentication by clicking on radio check button.
  • An OTP will be triggered on Beneficiary’s mobile and VLE will submit the OTP for validation.
  • A message will display on successful
  • authentication of OTP
  • VLE must re-check the proper connection of the Bio-metric authentication device. 
  • If the authentication is successful, VLE can deliver the PVC to the beneficiary.
  • VLE will be prompted 4 times for capturing proper fingerprint for authentication.
  • If the bio-auth fails, the beneficiary will be asked for authentication through mobile  OTP (either mapped with their Aadhaar OR the one submitted at the time of  registration for PMJAY)
  • On confirming the preferred mobile number for authentication, OTP will be triggered on the beneficiary’s mobile number.
  • VLE will submit the Mobile OTP and submit  for validation
  • On successful verification of the OTP, VLE can hand over the PMJAY-PVC to the beneficiary.