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Attn Govt Bank BCs! The BC code of those BCs who do zero transactions in March will be permanently deactivated after March 31st. Do maximum transactions to avoid deactivation. #financialinclusion #financial #Banking #entrepreneur #BC #SBI #PNB #BoI #IndianBank #UCO #JanDhan
csc government bank bc new update

What is CSC Bank BC

CSC Bank BC (Business Correspondent) is a service provided by the Common Services Centers (CSC) to facilitate banking services in rural areas of India. These CSCs act as intermediaries between the banking system and the rural population, helping to bridge the gap between urban and rural banking.

CSC Bank BCs offer a wide range of services, including opening bank accounts, depositing and withdrawing money, applying for loans, and other banking-related services. These services are provided through the CSC’s network of over 3 lakh centers across the country, making it easier for people living in rural areas to access banking services.

CSC Bank BCs are authorized by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to act as Business Correspondents for various banks. They are trained and equipped to handle banking transactions and have access to the banks’ systems and resources, allowing them to offer banking services in remote areas.

Overall, CSC Bank BCs are a significant step towards financial inclusion in India, ensuring that banking services reach the farthest corners of the country.

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